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A company with tradition

For over 70 years, Liesegang has been known for demolition, dismantling and blasting technology. Our customers are mainly in large-scale industry, particularly in chemistry, the petrochemical industry, mining and energy companies in Europe.

Consequently, safety and environmental protection as well as quality and the constant improvement of our service are BIG priorities for us.

As such, at the end of the 90s, we introduced a certified management system comprising the components SCCP/ VCA (occupational safety), DIN EN ISO 9001 (quality), EfBV (waste management) and WHG (environmental protection).

We also hold the RAL quality mark for demolition work in all categories:
HA3 (structural engineering demolition >20 m), HA3 demolition blasting (building blasting), AB (demolition of existing buildings) and AK (work in contaminated areas).

As a long-standing member of the German demolition association, German blasting association and RAL quality assurance body for demolition work, we naturally also strive for adherence to the statutory safety and occupational safety regulations.

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