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Management Systems and Authorisations

For over 10 years, we have implemented an integrated management system comprising components of occupational health and safety, quality assurance, environmental protection and waste management in the company. This is based on the following standards and systems in accordance with which we are certified and regularly audited by authorised independent institutions:

SCCP - Safety, health and environmental protection management system
DIN EN ISO 9001 - Quality management system
EfbV - Waste management system in accordance with the ordinance on specialised waste management companies
WHG - Authorisation for the dismantling and breaking of industrial facilities, containers, pipelines etc in accordance with the water management act
RAL-GZ - Demolition work in all categories:
HA3 - (structural engineering demolition >20 m), HA3 demolition blasting (building blasting)
AB - (demolition of existing buildings) and AK (work in contaminated areas).

We hold authorisations for:

GefStoffVO - Authorisation to handle weakly bound asbestos
SprengStoffG - Authorisation in accordance with §7 of the explosives substances act for handling and transporting explosives and ignition charges for commercial purposes

Furthermore, our specialists hold certificates in accordance with:

SprengStoffG §20 - Execution of general blasting work, blasting of hot masses and ice blasting
BGR 128/TRGS 524
- Work in contaminated areas
TRGS 519Appendices 3+4
- Handling (weakly and firmly bound) asbestos
TRGS 521 - Handling artificial mineral fibres
WHG §20 - Water management act
BioStoffVO - Biological agents ordinance
EfbV - Ordinance on specialised waste management companies
ADR - Transport of hazardous materials