Demolition • Dismantling Technology • Blasting technology • Remediation • Disposal Technology

Your Advantages

Your advantages with us as a partner, in brief:


  • WHG §19 and GefStoffV §39 specialist company
  • Company authorised in accordance with TRGS 519 and SprengG
  • SCCP/SGU certification
  • QM in accordance with DIN ISO 9001 ff 2000
  • EfbV certification (specialised waste management company)
  • RAL quality mark for demolition work in all categories
  • Skilled staff in accordance with BGR 128, TRGS 519, 521, 524
  • Experience in the remediation of hazardous substances for all hazardous substances
    Dioxins and furans
    Chlorine compounds
    Heavy metals


Blasting technology:

Our blasters have specific experience in the areas of:

  • Building blasting
  • Blasting of hot masses
  • Steel blasting using blast cutting plants
  • Cleaning blasting


Industrial dismantling:

We have extensive experience in the dismantling of industrial facilities and individual components such as containers, apparatus, machines and pipelines. This is frequently carried out during ongoing operation, sometimes purely as cold dismantling with no tools and machines that generate sparks, inside EX areas.

Occupational safety:

Our decades of working in the (petro)chemical industry with the corresponding safety conditions of the businesses provide our staff with excellent training and experience in safety technology. We have two safety experts as well as 12 safety officers. Our tools and equipment are subject to strict testing intervals. We ensure the further training of our employees with the aid of a detailed training plan.



  • Deutscher Abbruchverband e.V., Düsseldorf
  • Deutscher Sprengverband e.V., Siegen
  • RAL Gütegemeinschaft Abbrucharbeiten e.V., Düsseldorf