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Demolition Technology

Whether an entire building and plant complex, individual buildings, parts of a building, or just a hole in the wall – at Liesegang, we always find a solution! Our extensive range of machinery enables us to react flexibly to your requirements. Our engineers produce the required deconstruction calculations and the most cost effective and environmentally friendly deconstruction concept.

Within demolition technology, we specialise in various service areas:

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Structural engineering demolition

The deconstruction of tall buildings presents high demands in terms of equipment technology and particularly in terms of the qualified staff required. We have the entire range: long front and/or cable excavators, highly effective small equipment such as demolition robots, walking excavators, hydro splitting equipment or sawing technology – we find the best solution.

Speciality – boiler demolition

The demolition and asbestos remediation of power station boiler plants is part of our everyday work. In the last 15 years, we have carried out over 40 deconstruction measures. We develop custom-made concepts with special hanging scaffolding and winches.

Speciality – chimney demolition

We have the appropriate know-how and the required special equipment for the conventional deconstruction of industrial chimneys. With the use of innovative bracket scaffolding, we are able to reach any working height within the shortest time. With a choice of the execution of collapse blasting, falling direction blasting with or without a shortened falling direction, or chimney folding – we develop the best concept.

Speciality – small equipment demolition

With specially designed hanging and chassis structures, we are able to carry out demolition work effectively even in relatively inaccessible areas, using remote controlled demolition machines. We achieve optimum results with the use of various special tools (such as air, hydraulic, electrical or power tools) or the use of remote controlled miniature excavators.