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Remediation of hazardous substances – a challenge for people and technology. Today, as in the past, incorrect handling, ignorance and accidents cause the permanent contamination of buildings and sites with a variety of contaminants. With present-day technology, we are able to identify and overcome the risks from the past.

We carry out the following for you:

  • Securing the contaminated site
  • Planning and executing remediation measures
  • Logistical action planning
  • Producing safety and occupational safety concepts
  • Immission control measures
  • Accompanying analytics
  • Professional disposal of the remediation volume

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In co-operation with owners and former owners, authorities, surveyors and laboratories, our experienced team develops a remediation and disposal concept for every object. If all the required surveys and plans are available, we instigate the authorisation process – if necessary – in close co-operation with the responsible regulatory authorities. In the course of the overall remediation measure, we attend and control each stage of the project in a targeted manner, thus guaranteeing deadline and price-conscious execution.

Our experts have the necessary specialist knowledge under TRGS 519, 521, GefStoffV, BioStoffV, BGR 128 and others, as well as extensive experience in the handling of hazardous substances such as asbestos, artificial mineral fibres, heavy metals, mercury, benzenes, phenols, dioxins and furans, and even radioactive substances.
Experience from dismantling technology, the remediation of hazardous substances and our good processing machinery (driver cabs with protective ventilation) make us a reliable partner for the remediation of fire damage.