Demolition • Dismantling Technology • Blasting technology • Remediation • Disposal Technology

Staffing and equipment

The various facets of our service portfolio demand extensive and highly specialised equipment and tooling as well as highly qualified staff.
This enables us to consider and compare complex problems using the broadest range of technologies, in order to produce the most effective solutions for our customers.
The decades of experience of our qualified and motivated employees in the broadest range of areas make us a reliable and competent partner.
The constant further education and training of our employees ensure that our customers are provided with continuous and constant high-quality work.


3 executives, 3 commercial staff, 6 project managers/engineers, 12 site managers/foremen, 7 blasters, 12 machinists, 36 demolition/dismantling/remediation specialists, 3 workshop fitters/welders, 5 drivers, 2 safety experts, 18 safety officers, 16 first aiders, 20 experts under TRGS 519, 9 experts under BGR 128 (multiple responses).

Our technical equipment specifically includes:

5 mobile excavators (15-24 t), 6 crawler excavators (35-75 t) with various attachments, 3 long front excavators (45-75 t, 23-30 m working height), 1 cable excavator (80 t, 65 m set-up height), 6 wheel/compact loaders (2-18 t, bucket capacity 0.4 – 3.3 m3), 2 crushers (chain mobile, wheel mobile), 6 lorries (tankers, container trucks etc), remediation equipment (demolition robots, splitting tool etc), special tools (spreaders, cutters, spark-free tools etc), site facilities (office, staff room, material containers etc)