Demolition • Dismantling Technology • Blasting technology • Remediation • Disposal Technology


The service portfolio at Liesegang is LARGE and eclectic. This enables us to consider complex problems from the perspective of the broadest range of technologies, in order to offer our customers the most effective solution options.

We see…

... Industrial demolition as the deconstruction of entire building and plant complexes, individual buildings or parts of buildings.

... Industrial dismantling as the deconstruction of entire industrial plants or individual components such as motors, apparatus, containers, pipelines etc with various technologies such as hot dismantling using autogenous flame cutting, plasma separation cutting etc as well as cold dismantling with spark-free tools or even high-pressure water jets – (almost) anything is possible and achievable for us.

...Industrial assembly as the dismantling and reassembly of entire plants and plant components, for example if plants are to be placed in operation at a different location.

... Scrapping with scrap marketing as the demolition and shipment including use of scrap that must be considered as an asset and produce a profit.

... The remediation of hazardous substances as the remediation of contaminated building stock or building materials that are harmful to health or the environment, this being a responsible and necessary task in the deconstruction of old building stock.

... Blasting technology as many almost unimaginable options: whether opening an airbag, flattening a building, separating steel or cleaning industrial plants – blasting technology offers many possibilities. With our experience and knowledge, blasting is safe, predictable and efficient.

... The disposal and use of waste. As a specialised waste management company, we guarantee the proper use and disposal of waste in the context of environmental protection.

... Steel construction / roof and wall cladding as the cladding or reconfiguration of plants or buildings that are undergoing partial dismantling. With our well-equipped workshop, we provide steel construction services up to approx. 20 t or even the cladding of the roofs and walls or entire buildings